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Village demonstration
« Posted: 05 Jan 2012, 16:51:04 »
In view of the announcement by Augean that they have started to dump LLW in the KIng's Cliffe site, we have the choice of meekly acepting the situation, or at least indicating our displeasure.
If you want to show your disappointment with this news, particularly in view of the on-going legal action, please come to Hall Yard this Saturday (7th January) at 9.00am for a peaceful show of feeling, followed by a walk around the village. Please bring families, placards, posters, etc. and tell anyone you know. TV crews will be there so we need to make a good show.
This will not only demonstrate that we have not given up the fight, but will remind Augean as they prepare to put in their application to extend the dump, and the powers that be, that the issue is stll very much alive.