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Re: GlenMiller concert at RAF Kings Cliffe
« Posted: 10 Sep 2019, 18:21:56 »
Hi all,
     Are there any photographs of Glenn Miller and his orchestra performing at Kings Cliffe, and did any other celebrities of the day visit Kings Cliffe at all?  In relation to the airfield layout, does anyone know where the hangar was where Glenn Miller performed?
     Many thanks,
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Re: GlenMiller concert at RAF Kings Cliffe
« Reply #1 Posted: 03 Oct 2019, 22:06:28 »
To find out more suggest visiting/contacting Kings Cliffe Heritage. Recall seeing what I believe was a photo. of Glen Miller Band in the Kings Cliffe Airfield hanger. Site of former hanger located at Jacks Green beside public footpath Right of Way NE9, Kings Cliffe to Yarwell. A 'Kings Cliffe Walks' leaflet featured the Glen Miller monument. Easiest access (without getting lost along NE9!) via direct track from green iron gate off Nassington Road. Hanger site is on land owned by Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate and being developed as holiday chalet park.