Author Topic: Car parking in the village and is there a need now fpr a coffee shop  (Read 492 times)

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I started a thread on the Community Facebook website about the increasing congestion on many village roads from parked vehicles.  Occasionally giving problems for larger vehicles getting through or meaning having to drive over our one and only mini-roundabout on Wood Road.  Is there any solution on the cards as otherwise an ambulance will be unable to get through to a village resident with a life threatening condition or the bus company will finally abandon Kings Cliffe.

On another matter.  Over the past few years the population of the village has increased by a significant number.  We lack a facility for social intercourse and refreshment such as a coffee shop.  I know not if demand exists or if anyone would take it on.  Kings Cliffe Active is too far from the village centre.  If the surgery moves then those premises might be ideal.

I hope to attend the meeting tonight.
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