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« Posted: 18 Jun 2016, 13:48:49 »
I came across the attached item in our MP's (Tom Pursglove) newsletter:
..., following my weekly advice surgeries in Oundle and Corby, I was delighted to visit Fineshade Wood to support the excellent local campaign against the unwanted development of holiday lodges in this beautiful, tranquil, woodland. It was good to visit, not only to hear local concerns, but to fully understand the history of the earlier rejected planning application and to see the site for myself.  To my mind, it is clear that the Forestry Commission and Forest Holidays should reconsider their position and walk away from development here.  It seems to me, and to local people, that Fineshade was incorrectly designated in the first place as being suitable for commercial development such as this. As such, I will now be writing to the Forestry Commission's Chief Executive, requesting a meeting to discuss their future intentions and to relay the strength of local feeling.  This will also provide an opportunity to raise some of the technical questions and concerns that local residents have.  The excellent campaign ran by the 'Friends of Fineshade' has done so much to champion the cause and going forward, I will continue to do all I can to support it, and ensure that local concerns are heard loud and clear.  As I say, Fineshade Wood is a beautiful spot, which must be preserved for generations to come.  You can find out more, and support the campaign, by visiting:

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Re: Fineshade...
« Reply #1 Posted: 22 Jun 2016, 23:09:51 »
Good to read that our MP Tom Pursglove is maintaining his opposition to the renewed planning application for the development in Fineshade Woods. Heartening because after ENC's rejection of the first planning application the sponsors have now employed costly expert 'mind changing' PR consultants to dilute opposition to the development. As well as approaching established local movers and shakers they are seeking new potential supporters for the scheme; if you are a potential target, beware! Apart from wildlife issues Fineshade is simply too small to absorb such development. Another factor has also arisen. New Corby housing 'townships' are expanding rapidly East towards Fineshade bringing many new local residents. These new nearby residents deserve woodland for recreation on their doorsteps.