Author Topic: Dead trees on green by Sov Grange  (Read 1032 times)

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Dead trees on green by Sov Grange
« Posted: 30 Oct 2015, 17:18:37 »
With the build fast coming to an end, has anyone mentioned to who ever is responsible that about 1/3 of the badly planted trees have died?

I watched them being planted with the aid of a digger and just dropped into the hole and filled in. They did not even water them. Lots of them are leaning to one side as they did not plant them straight either!

17 Oak Lane

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Re: Dead trees on green by Sov Grange
« Reply #1 Posted: 31 Oct 2015, 09:10:16 »
In a word... Persimmon.

The green at the bottom of Sovereign Grange is still owned by them and the planting was specified in the planning permission with the, normal, clause that any plants or trees that die within 5 years from the completion of the development must be replaced.

However, given their complete disregard for other things mandated in the planning permission I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to honour their obligations and the District Council, the planning authority who should enforce these things, seem unwilling to take on Persimmon; presumably because Persimmon can outspend them one hundred times over should it come to legal action :(

It's sad, wrong and has been a running frustration for the PC ever since the development started but that's where we are.

FWIW, the clause about the trees is item 6 in this document.

Eastnorthamptonshire District Council Planning dept can be contact on this number: 01832 742225 or emailed:
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Re: Dead trees on green by Sov Grange
« Reply #2 Posted: 04 Nov 2015, 16:19:53 »
So glad I am no longer Clerk, with this issue!!!  Persimmon totally ignored everything reported to them and one of the ENC Enforcement Officers, who was responsible for several of their sites said they were driving him to an early grave, it was like walking into a brick wall trying to get anything done!  The landscaping plans looked lovely, very detailed, what a shame if it all comes to nothing!  Wonder if it might be worth someone contacting the NHBC who were supposedly overseeing building control of the site (ENC were not involved in that at all, much to the relief of the Building Control Manager at ENC) on the site - don't know if landscaping comes under their umbrella........................