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The Pytchell
« Posted: 10 Jul 2015, 15:43:33 »
The Pytchell is the plot of land immediately to the west of the church stretching from Church Walk down to the banks of the Willowbrook.

Originally purchased by the PC at preferential price from the late Donny Giddings as a graveyard extension, but rendered superfluous after the expansion of the main graveyard, this plot has been maintained by Jenny Dixon.

With the lease overdue for renewal the PC is proposing to continue to engage Jenny Dixon to maintain the southern section, and the access to it on the western side, and use the northern part for a new Transition Community Orchard.  While this site has always been open to the community this fact is possibly not well known so the PC will install a new sign on the gate describing the Pytchell's status.

Before entering into new agreements to achieve the above plan, the PC would like to give the community the opportunity to submit alternative proposals for the site's use.  Any plans must be based on the site being an amenity for the village and proposals would need to demonstrate sustainable management and funding.

Proposals should be sent to the Clerk to be received by the end of August.