Author Topic: Wildplaces - Flash Workparty. Railway Cutting Tuesday  (Read 940 times)

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Wildplaces - Flash Workparty. Railway Cutting Tuesday
« Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 13:33:01 »
Hi all

Apologies if you've already seen this on Facebook, but I want to reach as many as possible this afternoon!

The railway cutting at the Kingsmead Estate end is, as you will doubtless be aware, a bit of a bog (to put it mildly...). Its basically not passable without a boat or waders which is a real shame as it makes the walk from Willow Lane to Kingsmead a dead end.

Some work has been done to clear a path round the bog, but it needs a bit more 'muscle' to finish it off.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 28th, I'll be up there from 10.30am to have another go and secure the route (sounds like trailblazing in the Congo rainforest!).
It would be great if a few others could make it.

I know its short notice and its a weekday, but you know its worth it :)

Please drop me note if you can come.

If you have them, please bring -
Loppers, pruning saw, bowsaw, shears, secateurs
Slasher , grass hook, sickle, etc
Bush cutter - please , if you have one.
Spade / Fork / rake
***Thick Gloves + Wellies ***

Park in the Kingsmead estate or KCA.
See you there?