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Annual public meeting
« Posted: 29 Mar 2015, 13:08:54 »
The annual public meeting of the Kings Cliffe Parish Council is to be held on Thursday 9th April at 7:30pm at Kings Cliffe Active.

Just a thought for the Parish Council - although the above notice is in the Gazette in the Parish Council section, it is easily missed. The Blatherwyke Annual Parish meeting has a full half page advert which is much more prominent!


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Re: Annual public meeting
« Reply #1 Posted: 09 Apr 2015, 18:49:44 »
19:35 and I have just read this! I would have turned out but I guess it is a bit too late. I would have liked to suggest to the PC that as part of an ongoing resilience plan perhaps it should compile a list of holders of first aid at work certificate holders willing to turn out pending arrival of emergency services, details of village residents who have useful skills available in limited circumstances eg a plumber willing to turn water off, an electrician willing to isolate dangerous circuits, a chippie willing to board up after a break in, drivers willing to make a dash to A&E or the walk in centre etc. I would also like to suggest the PC negotiate with the Drs for provision of one or more AEDs at strategic points around the village. I remember talk of emergency responders at the village hall but as far as I know nothing happened. The PC could also act as a linking service between eg dementia sufferers and dementia friends.

PS I have just been told by my wife that I should have nticed the notifications of this on the lampposts. Unfortunately I have stopped looking at them since they were covered in fly posted pictures of dog turds
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Re: Annual public meeting
« Reply #2 Posted: 10 Apr 2015, 16:50:10 »
Re. KCPC Annual Parish Meeting: The Blatherwyke Annual Parish meeting has a full half page advert which is much more prominent! Thanks for an excellent suggestion. Believe that the Blatherwyke Village Meeting Chair is also the Gazette Ed. so maybe that helps! Gazette space is usually tight but KCPC could seek a similar bold advertisement.