Author Topic: NEW Fineshade Holiday Lodges Planning application. NEEDS RESUBMITTED OBJECTIONS!  (Read 1273 times)

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After withdrawing their plans for 70 holiday lodges in Fineshade Woods, Forest Holidays have submitted a new almost identical planning application. East Northants Council have advised that this has made it neccessary for everyone objecting including the local Parish Councils, to re-submit their opposition to this planning application. Identical letters and/or emails are acceptable but these should be re-submitted using the following new ENC Planning ref. number. Please resubmit your objection now - probably the only thing you need to change is the planning application number, this is now 14/01704/FUL. The closing date for objections is 8th October.  Please ask like minded friends to use this as an opportunity to object if they have not already done so.

Also please consider signing the 38 Degrees national online petition opposing
'forest privatisation by the back door'. Interestingly Fineshade is specifically mentioned in the introduction to the online petition:

Forest Holidays have applied to build a further 44 lodges in the far larger Forest of Dean bringing their total there to around 120 cabins. Should they successfully get planning consent at Fineshade and also apply for more lodges here later, we would have even less woodland left for everyone to enjoy.


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Stop moaning

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You can also write to planning department with a letter of support bringing much needed jobs to the area and and a boost to the local economy.
Don't object for the sake of it !! I'm sure some people don't understand that people need local jobs. there's plenty of wood to go round.


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Interesting and valid view, but I would question where the job creation would be. Part of the application says that once people have arrived on site they are unlikely to leave site until the end of their stay, which is why they say there will not be any increased traffic issues.
On that basis the only jobs created will be on site - at the 'shop' and if they need additional staff at the cafe.

They will hopefully help Kings Cliffe through cyclist visitors using the shop and the pub, but I see that as a limited positive impact.

All the fees for staying at the site will go directly to Forest Holidays, a national organisation seeking to build its own profits - not to support local communities.

There is plenty of woodland, but they will be destroying a disproportionate area for construction, and at the end of the day it is 'our' land - the Forestry Commission is a government agency.
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It's good that both sides of the argument are aired here.

Is there plenty of woodland? I think it's worth reposting Rob's diagram showing the size of the development in respect of the size of Fineshades Wood.

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