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Fibre Optics
« Posted: 29 Apr 2014, 16:49:03 »
I heard that King's Cliffe was soon to get fibre optics, but that was a while ago. I recently heard that it is being used, but only for businesses. When would it be available for public use?
Would it cost the same?


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Re: Fibre Optics
« Reply #1 Posted: 03 May 2014, 11:38:04 »
As a business in Kings Cliffe, Nepenthe Studios, we'd really like to sign up to fibre optic service, but we heard its not quite available here yet. Anyone heard different?

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Re: Fibre Optics
« Reply #2 Posted: 04 May 2014, 08:55:09 »
As I understand it, Cliffe isn't currently on the deployment list for high speed broadband, falling into the category of 'something will be decided by 2017 but no specific plans yet'.

There is a new tranch of Government money to accelerate the deployment of rural broadband but it requires some match funding from our District Council. Clr Glitheroe was asked about this during the recent Parish Council public meeting and intimated that ENC were prepared to provide some match funding if Cliffe was moved up the priority list. The PC is awaiting a more detailed reply.

All the info can be found here:

As a side note, you can get a dedicated business fibre Internet connection here in Cliffe. BT recently quoted me around 12,000 per annum  :o which is better than the 25,000 per annum quoted a few years back but still not what one would call 'cheap'!