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Some positive news for local education
« Posted: 17 Jan 2014, 17:09:35 »
The King’s Cliffe School Foundation – a longstanding local charity - is the Endowment behind the KC Endowed School, owning the main part of the school site in Park Street, providing practical and financial support for local education in the area and appointing Foundation Governors.

The current Consultation being undertaken by Northamptonshire County Council on the principle of changing the structure of education provision in our area (from 3-tier to 2-tier) is raising both concerns and positive opportunities for schooling in Kings Cliffe and its local area.

The School Foundation Trustees are determined to play an active role in helping to achieve high quality, long-lasting, educational provision within the village, using both their charitable responsibilities and their resources.

In response to the current consultation, the Trustees - having had initial discussions with both the Endowed School Governors and the King’s Cliffe Parish Council - have decided immediately to investigate the possibility of the development of a new purpose built Primary school (for children aged 4 to 11) on an alternative site in King’s Cliffe.

In addition, the Trustees are looking to utilize funds realized by disposal in due course of the existing Endowed school site to assist with the capital funding of such a new school. On this basis, we have asked for early discussions with Northamptonshire County Council with a view to maintaining the Foundation’s charitable Endowment of the new school.
Our aim is to work in close collaboration with all interested parties, not just in helping to maintain but also in positively enhancing the quality of schooling in this village for both current and future generations following the foresight and inspiration of William Law, our 18th century founder.

Trustees of the Kings Cliffe School Foundation

January 15th 2014

[Information on the NCC education Consultation can be found on the NCC website –]


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Re: Some positive news for local education
« Reply #1 Posted: 17 Jan 2014, 21:12:24 »
Isn't the obvious solution to use the Middle School site which looks likely to be free from September?
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Re: Some positive news for local education
« Reply #2 Posted: 18 Jan 2014, 05:10:32 »
What about using the primary school for the doctors surgery?