Author Topic: Reasonable office furniture scale is very important to people's life  (Read 1144 times)

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Reasonable appointment appliance calibration for the action of humans is actual important, have to be controlled moderately, contrarily it will accompany abounding inconvenience, even can aswell affect the concrete health.

Office appliance modelling architecture have to accede the admeasurement and adjustment can accommodated people's psychological, physiological and concrete action regularity of anniversary part, to accomplish the ambition of safe practical, adequate and beautiful.

Health acme of the individual being sofa, sit afore should be greater than or according to the 48 cm wide, sit the abyss should be aural 48 to 60 cm, the bench acme should be aural 36 to 42 cm.
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Double or amateur the bloom akin of sofa, sit face acme is constant with individual being sofa, sit face amplitude can be adapted flexibly, but about kept at 45 to 48 cm is the best.

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