Author Topic: FREE and EASY way to raise money for Underground!  (Read 1309 times)

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FREE and EASY way to raise money for Underground!
« Posted: 16 May 2012, 14:07:06 »
This is a really simple and free way that you can raise money for Underground. All you need to do is type in this address:

Make it your homepage and this will come up everytime you log on. It now becomes a search engine the same as google or whatever else you may use EXCEPT everytime you search for something,Underground gets money!

We've raised 2.22 this quarter so far which, although helpful of course, we can raise far more this way and it won't cost people a penny!

Please do this if you can. Even if you don't use the internet much, every website helps. You don't have to then purchase anything from then site, just by searching for it gives Underground money.

Please help us if you can. The amount of searches a village of this size must do collectively every day can really help Underground.

Thank you for your help. Tell everyone else you know about it too!