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Augean has now submitted several applications for extensions. It is vital we object.
The deadline for objections is 1st June 2012.

First batch of applications is for extensions until 2016. (The current licence expires in 2012):
These are three applications submitted to Northants County Council:

12/00031/WAS, extension for the LLW (radioactive waste) permission
12/00030/WAS extension for the soil treatment facility
12/00029/WAS, extension for the hazardous waste permission

To object via NCC website the link is

A separate form for each application is required. This is time-consuming, so the alternative is to object in writing and quoting all application references. You can then mail your objection either by email (  or by post to: Planning Services, Northamptonshire County Council, Floor 3, Guildhall Road Block, County Hall, Northampton, NN1 1DN,

Further application is to extend the licence until 2026.
This is now considered by National Infrastructure Planning, and you can object via website link

It is quick, mainly yes and no questions plus 500 words why you object. Complaining about government policy is apparently a non-starter, but complaining about effects on King’s Cliffe is relevant. One can object as a person (I’ve done that) and on behalf of an organisation (I’ve done that on behalf of Transition King’s Cliffe)

Additional details at


Where appropriate please pass it on so it can go viral around the villages