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« Posted: 10 Oct 2012, 13:45:32 »
Underground now has a thriving gardening group made up of youngsters aged 8-16. They've been working really hard with June Hakes from the Gardeners Association to grow a variety of vegetables and are so enthusiastic that the garden is now expanding to accommodate fruits and they're purchasing a greenhouse! Lovely to see the enthusiasm....but they need you to support them by coming and getting the produce!
It's available from Monday and Friday Youth Clubs but I'm now going to put some things in the Post Office (if that's ok with Angie) so please do come and take it! We're not charging....they just want people to enjoy what they've grown. There's not huge amounts as we were late starting this year but we have carrots, leeks and beetroot ready fairly soon and copiuos amounts of spinach! If you want to make a donation to Underground then that will be put towards new plants and seeds but there's no pressure to do that...just enjoy the veg! Feedback from those who have had it has been excellent!